About Us

Celebrating its 35th year of service in 2014, Four Seasons Compassion for Life, a nationally respected, award-winning hospice and palliative care non-profit organization, remains deeply committed to serving the community through fulfilling its mission of “Co-Creating the Care Experience.” To date, Four Seasons Compassion for Life has served more than 10,000 patients in Henderson and Buncombe counties and surrounding areas.

The Four Seasons tradition of excellence began in 1979 when Jean Moulthrop Hoogstra, a Henderson County community volunteer, reached out to psychologist John Esse and registered nurse Claire Burse with the objective of providing services to terminally ill persons who would prefer to die at home. Under the auspices of a steering committee, the Hospice of Henderson County incorporated in December 1979. By June 1981, the hospice served its first patient, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Center of Support and Giving

Thanks to the ongoing support of the community and the generosity of donors, the Elizabeth House, a 12 bed inpatient hospice residence, opened in April 1999. Greatrex Place would open its doors in December 2005, forming a center for Four Seasons’ operations. By 2007, the capacity of the Elizabeth would be expanded to 19 beds with addition the Charles W. McGrady wing.

Commitment to Quality of Life

A 2009 Circle of Life award recipient from the American Medical Association, Four Seasons was nationally recognized for its commitment to the expansion of quality palliative and end of life care in western North Carolina. Since that time, its outreach has continued through the creation of the Center for Excellence, devoted to professional development in the United States, and through its global health initiative outreach in the African sub-Saharan nation of Zambia. Read more about the Zambia Partnership.

Innovative Community Care and Reform

In May 2014, Four Seasons was notified they are the prospective recipients of a $9,596,123 grant award to pilot Medicare reform from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, a program of the federal Department of Health and Human Services. The non-profit agency emerges as the sole hospice and palliative care provider nationwide chosen to implement health care reform through its innovative community care model. Nationally, the model is designed to improve outcomes, increase quality of care, decrease hospital readmissions, decrease costs for patients and families and reduce tolls on Medicare.