Once a week a music therapist came by…volunteers came by often with therapy dogs…The 21 days I spent with my daughter at Elizabeth House were a personal blessing for me.

“…My special needs daughter, Lisa, arrived at Elizabeth House with her entourage of professional staff from the care facility in which she resided, and her brother, Rick, and I, to find her room had been prepared for her personally. Elizabeth House staff had taken the liberty to make this room both comfortable and individual to Lisa’s taste. Lisa’s favorite color was purple, and we found they had supplied purple towels and gowns. The whole room reflected Lisa’s love of flowers by using a flower garden quilted spread on her bed.  She loved it!

…Doctors and nurses were always at hand and responsive to any concerns for Lisa, myself and other family members. Special care was shown me and Lisa’s brother by the chaplains and grief counselors. The chaplain would visit several times a day, taking time to explain and answer her questions tirelessly. Once a week a Music Therapist came by, spent time with Lisa and sang her requests. These visits were a special treat for Lisa. Also, volunteers came by often with therapy dogs which Lisa thought was the greatest.

Since Lisa was born disabled and I was unable to care for her at home, Lisa’s care has been primarily left to others. The 21 days I spent with my daughter at Elizabeth House were a personal blessing for me. With the help of such caring staff I was afforded the time to spend and enjoy her like we have never before. Telling stories and cuddling in the same bed at night was a special time for both of us.

Considering Lisa’s disabilities throughout her life this was a very special and graceful way for her to go home to be with our Lord.”