The Elizabeth House

The Elizabeth House is a 19-bed inpatient hospice facility located on our campus in Flat Rock, NC. The home-like environment provides a comfortable, soothing atmosphere for patients and families. Here, our interdisciplinary team can address challenging symptoms and issues that cannot be managed in other care settings. Often, residents return home after a brief stay.The Elizabeth House is also a place where respite care is provided for the benefit of both the patient and loved ones. 

The Elizabeth House opened in 1999, and in response to a need for growth, was expanded from 12 to 19 beds with the opening of the Charles W. McGrady Wing in 2007. Today, the Elizabeth House remains supported generously and consistently by the community. Unquestionably home-like in its design, warmth flows from the “hospice hospital” staff and volunteers to all who visit. This effect was consciously honored in a 2014 interior redesign in memory of Edith Hopper Guthrie.

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Who was Elizabeth Reilly?

This facility was named in memory of Elizabeth Reilly, RN, the mother of a former Four Seasons board member and retired pediatrician, the late Kathleen McGrady. 

Elizabeth M. Kinsella Reilly, born in New York City on October 23, 1898, was the only one of her Irish immigrant parents’ 12 children born in the United States. Early in her career, she became interested in the care of patients with terminal illness, particularly symptomatic pain alleviation. During World War II, she worked as a civilian nurse in an army hospital, where she remained constantly aware of the ravages of chronic pain on the wounded and seriously ill soldiers she tended.

At a time when the hospice concept was just being introduced in the United States, Elizabeth was a veteran nurse who advocated for meeting the challenges of terminal illness with love, compassion, respect, and deep spirituality. We are privileged to name our inpatient facility after such a pioneer in compassionate care.