Zambia Partnership

In a global health initiative, Four Seasons partners with the Palliative Care Alliance of Zambia (PCAZ) through Global Partners in Care with the goal of providing education and support to increase access to palliative care in this medically challenged region.

As part of the partnership agreement, the agencies commit to alternating exchange visits each year. Zambian health leader and National Coordinator of PCAZ Njekwa Lumbwe remains outspoken on the significant impact the partnership has on the lives of the nation's peoples

Palliative Care is supportive care focused on the relief of suffering by providing good pain and symptom control, and support for families and caregivers. Learn more about Four Seasons’ efforts to improve palliative care in Zambia, as featured in the documentary “A Unified Presence” by Emmy® award-winning filmmakers, Dylan and Emily Trivette.

Zambia: Portrait of a Nation in Need

Located in the central southern region of Africa, Zambia has roughly the same population as North Carolina, numbering about 13 million. But that’s where the similarities end.

Zambia’s geographic area is about six times that of North Carolina. There, the average life expectancy is 48 years, about half that of North Carolinians, and one of the lowest throughout Africa. As a nation, Zambia has been hit hard by the HIV/AIDS epidemic: one million people are living with this disease, while only 25 percent have access to medications. Additionally, high death rates ensue from malaria, tuberculosis and cancer. 

Limited resources and large coverage areas are serious issues. Only 780 doctors serve the struggling nation, or one per 16,700 people, compared with more than 22,300 physicians practicing in North Carolina. 

Limited Resources Meets Compassion without Limits

The limited availability of medication, education, and training in Zambia encouraged Four Seasons to partner with PCAZ.

 “This partnership fits in well with our core values of excellence and compassion,” says Janet Bull, chief medical officer. “We dream big and believe compassion has no limits.”

The two agencies share aligned missions of providing compassionate care for those in need. Therefore, the partnership will focus on improving access to quality palliative care throughout Zambia. Learn more about Four Seasons’ efforts to improve palliative care in Zambia.

How You Can Help

Four Seasons commits to continue to build its partnership with Zambia and other struggling African nations in need of improved palliative care services. Individuals are invited to assist this effort through designated donations, sponsorships and conference attendance, volunteer opportunities, and screenings of the documentary film, “A Unified Presence." Funds raised for the Zambia partnership go directly to supporting palliative care education for doctors and nurses.  

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